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Our Services

What can we do for you ?


Since 2008, La Bonite Marine Services provide 24/7 marine services in Port Louis. We provide speed boats equipped with the latest technology and safety equipmentMoreover we supply work boats for the toughest jobs at high seas such as:
  • Removal of garbage
  • Removal of Sludge oil
  • Delivery of Provisions
  • Delivery of spares
La Bonite Marine Services also provides inland services with various equipment such as:
  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Lorries
  • Compressors
  • Generator
  • Pallet Trucks
The company additionally has a large workforce to accomplish whatever task you need done 

Professional assistance

Our team in action
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Speed boats

We Provide:
  • Speed Boats equipped with:
    • Lifebuoys
    • Life Jackets
    • G.P.S
    • VHF Radio
    • Radar
    • Diving Equipment
  • Speed Boats with twin engines (370 HP each)
  • Speed Boats with twin engines (250 HP each)
  • Speed Capacity of 35 knots for the conveyance of Agents, Port Authorities and work at high seas
  • Water Ambulance for the transfer of sick passengers on a 24 hour basis

Work boats

We Provide: 
  • Work boats for the transfer of:
    • 1) Heavy Spares
    • 2) Lube Oil drums
    • 3) Provisions
    • 4) Ship Stores
  • Removal of:
    • 1) Garbage
    • 2) Oil Sludge
La bonite Marine Boat


We provide forklifts for different services:
  • Stripping of containers
  • Loading and unloading of spares and provisions on vessels
  • Removal of garbage from vessels
  • We also supply Pallet Trucks



La bonite Marine Boat

We also provide manpower for numerous services such as:

Handling of :

  • 1) Luggage
  • 2) Spares
  • 3) Provision

We also provide labour for cleaning and removal of garbage




La bonite Marine Service Mauritius Boat

We also offer services for passengers:

  • Transfer of passengers from Shore to Vessels and vice-versa
  • Luggage services for passengers and crews
  • Water Ambulance services 24/7 for sick passengers
  • Passengers are assured with safety measures and also covered by an insurance on a 24 hour basis

Why us ?

  • We are the only launch operator licensed by the MPA and Tourism authority to carry out operations at a distance of 12nm
  • We own the largest fleet in the Port
  • Our skippers are fully trained and have great experience
  • Our launches are the newest and most sophisticated in the Port
  • Passengers are covered by an insurance at all time