The Company


La Bonite Marine Services Co Ltd, established in 2008, is an independent company which provides marine services on a round clock basis.

In the past few years we have spread a strong reputation for consistently delivering an excellent standard of service. We also provide our clients with a team of skilled and experienced workers trained by our best and most experienced employees.

We have a dedicated core team and a pool up of experimented workers whom we employ to deliver the best maritime and inland services in the Port to tackle up any problem you may have.

La Bonite Marine Services is the sole provider of a large number of speed boats equipped with the latest technology and safety equipments in Port-Louis for the toughest jobs at high seas.




La Bonite Marine Services has for mission to:

  • Provide high-quality marine services and equipment consistently.
  • Achieve complete customer satisfaction.
  • Continuously improving our services according to customer’s demand.
  • Respond immediately to the changing needs of our clients.




We have the vision to provide one of the best marine services in Port-Louis.




With a large range of services and equipment, La Bonite Marine Services is the go-to choice for a fast and professional work.

Our range of equipment consists of:

  • Motorboats equipped with Lifebuoys, Life Jackets, Life Rafts, G.P.S, V.H.F Radio, Diving equipment and many more equipment.
  • Speed Boats with twin engines (500hp, 740hp and 800hp) with a speed capacity of 35 knots for the conveyance of Agents, Port Authorities and work at high seas. Our Speed boats also operate as water ambulance for emergency callings.
  • Fully trained skippers crew and passengers.
  • Luggage services for crew and passengers.
  • Supply of forklifts, crane trucks and pallet trucks, cherry-picker etc.
  • Supply of Marquee tents, tables, chairs, air conditioners and other equipments.
  • Generators, compressors and cranes.
  • Passengers are assured with all safety measures and are also covered by an insurance on a 24-hour basis.
  • Water ambulance services for a transfer of sick passengers from vessels to shore.
  • Ship chandling
  • Removal of sludge oil at high seas.
  • Delivery of spares and provisions at high seas.




Our main office is located at La Bonite Lane, Soreze Pailles


Our 2nd office can also be reached at 18A Kwan Tee Street, Les Salines, Port-Louis